Top Twitter Feeds for UX Designers

Twitter is one of those things that gets web folk excited. You just know that there’s some good info in there somewhere. But it’s also crowded, with a high signal to noise ratio.

In an attempt to filter out some of the fluff, I put together this list of twitter feeds for UX Designers.

Here’s my editorial stance on this list:

  1. paint with a broad brush; this list has feeds focusing on IA, IxD, research, and many points in between/beyond
  2. keep it relevant; there are more UX Designers out there who are using twitter, but many of them tweet about their personal lives rather than UX

But most importantly, I don’t consider this finished by any means. Please RT and submit more in the comments!

UPDATE: Some input has already helped improve the list of top UX feeds-more suggestions are always welcome.

Heavy Hitters

Twitter is a great way to stalk learn more about influential people in your field.

…and related folks…


Ah, blogs… need more!


I love going to conferences for work. It’s like getting paid to be at college for a few days. With a bunch of strangers. And sponsorship. This list needs more!


Firms playing a big role in the UX field…need more!!!

Communities (?)

  • @refreshdc : dc-area ux/it/webdev/webdes group; meets up for lectures and such (have one in your neck of the woods?)
  • @uxnet : a good centralized source of what’s going on in the ux community
  • @everything_IxD : I don’t know who this is, but they retweet a lot of the other folks listed here; like an aggregator


  • @8sunify : the feed for Eight Shapes’ deliverable system
  • @iatv : collection of IA videos

Let me know how these twitter feeds are working for you, and please suggest others that you like!