I got my wallet back! (with gifs)

What started as a terrible day ended with a powerful reminder that good people still exist in this world. Here’s the timeline, as I understand it.

8:30am-ish: I stopped at my local pharmacy to have a passport photo taken in preparation for an upcoming trip to Canada. While exiting the pharmacy, I somehow dropped my wallet. I walk across the street to wait for my bus.

8:35am-ish: In an amazing moment of coincidence my company’s shuttle bus driver is driving by my bus stop, actually recognizes me, and waves me over for a ride to work. Lucky me!

This is key, because I didn’t have to use my bus pass, so I didn’t notice that my wallet was missing.

8:45am-ish: A woman, whose name I still don’t know, was running errands. She’s a nanny and was looking after twin 3-year-old girls. She found my wallet outside of the pharmacy, but was unsure what to do with it to return it. She took it with her, to the kids’ home.

9:00am-ish: I arrive at work and realize my wallet is gone. Commence freak out.

9:20am: I arrive at said local pharmacy and scour the place for my wallet–talking to staff, retracing my steps–no luck.

9:45am: Back at home. My wife, who works from home, immediately thinks I’ve lost my job, but once she realizes that’s not the case, we just figure out how we’re going to work from home at the same time without killing each other.

10:00am: Check bank and credit card balances online and there’s no activity. At this point, I figure that some white-collar office jockey like me has picked up said wallet while waiting for the bus and will try to get in touch. I decide not to cancel my bank and credit cards. My wife thinks I’m crazy.

10:05am: Commence hectic attempt to work from home.

The day passes….

3:00pm: I figure that, if anything, I will need to replace my driver’s license first. It’s the only thing that I can have replaced right away, and it is useful for getting other things. I shuffle my schedule around so I can stop working at 4pm and get to the DMV: joy of joys!

4:00pm: The DMV, baby.


4:30pm: Still at the DMV.

5:00pm: Oh yeah… the DMV.

5:30pm: Did I mention I had to come to the DMV?

5:45pm:┬áStill waiting at the DMV, my number is the next to be called. I receive a facebook message from one of my FB friends, a woman who shares the same name as my sister. Over a year or so ago, we became FB friends on a bit of a lark, “oh, hey look at this we have the same (relatively rare) last name and don’t personally know each other–how about that?” Anyway, she messages me:

Dear David,

A lady named Heather is on the phone with me as I type this. She found your wallet at the Rite Aid and wants you to get in touch with her to retrieve it. She may be reached at [phone number].


Your Pseudo-Sister

5:50pm: Frantic texting and calling of said phone number.

5:55pm: I get Heather on the phone and she tells me she has my wallet. I offer to meet anywhere to pick it up. She gives me her address.

6:10pm: I arrive at Heather’s home and graciously accept the wallet. She tells me the story of her nanny, but is interrupted by the boisterous excitement of two 3-year-old girls who want to tell me all about a box that they use to catch bugs. After profusely thanking Heather, and asking that she send my appreciation on to her nanny, I’m off with the wallet in hand.

I’m so fortunate that things worked out that way. What a team effort! And I’m so glad I decided not to cancel all of my cards!