Yes, I’m Independent Again

I worked at LivingSocial for a year and a half with a fantastic design team. I learned a ton. We did good work. And we had awesome lunches

I knew I would miss that crew a lot, but I decided to move on in a different direction. While I was looking for a new gig, I was open to just about anything, whether it be startup, established, in-house, or agency. During that time, I reached out to my friend Brent for advice. He made a really good case for why I should jump in with his freelance collective, MAG7, as a Senior UX Architect (although we don’t really have titles). This, for me, really offers the best of both worlds: the flexibility and self-determination of an independent working model but mitigating some of the risks by getting support when you need it from other colleagues.   

One thing I have been very happy with is the immediate diversity of the work. I’m already working on a mobile app for a startup, a redesign for an online reviews site, and I’m angling for at least two new projects within the next few weeks, either a large site redesign or a LeanUX-specific staff augmentation effort, depending which way the new business winds blow.

Something’s missing, though…. Oh, yeah, I forgot to announce it here on the ol’ blog-o-matic! Done.

Want to work together? Let’s get in touch.