A Million Things

It’s obviously been far too long since I’ve posted anything here. Some updates:


I’m still freelancing with MAG7 and it’s going great. Most of the projects I have worked on so far are still hush-hush, but it’s been pretty great. My colleagues are doing an awesome job running the show. In may ways, I think freelancing is best for me.


I put together a little site. It’s nothing, really, just something I set up with Foundation a couple weeks ago. It’s a goal of mine to take on more code skillz so while the site itself isn’t much, it’s really an excuse for creating more opportunities for HTML practice. Most of my work these days is more strategic, so I have to manufacture opportunities to mock anything up in HTML. I don’t see myself being some kind of code genius, but In the near future, I want to roll in my blog, build out a portfolio, and maybe some other knick-nacks over time. We’ll see.


I’ll be teaching a class on User Experience Design through General Assembly. I’m really looking forward to it. The curriculum is already in place and I’ll have another designer to work with on the class, so I think I’ll be able to put my own spin on it and make something good happen. There’s an info session for the class this Thursday, 11/7.


I’ve fallen a little behind on my personal goal to take on more speaking. The summer was a bit of a turbulent time, so I figured I would internalize a bit, focus on getting work done, and just generally simplify my working life. Well, that happened. And now I’m ready to get the ball rolling on speaking again. I’m taking notes, looking for things that I can turn into talks.


Part and parcel with more speaking, I want to also get into a better habit of writing. I’m thinking that I can use my blog as a means for regularly focusing my thoughts and from that will spring forth some array of speaking topics. Lots of ideas–the hardest part for me is just the discipline of getting focused.


On a personal note, I have a couple extended family members that are dealing with pretty significant health problems, so that sort of ups the degree of difficulty on the life-o-meter. That, plus other stress, has me gaining back about half of the weight I lost over the summer. Trying to stay level-headed, get focused, and get moving in a positive direction… once I finish this pile of Halloween candy.