Google Glass Day 1: Not a great start.

So, my Google Glass arrived today. I’m pretty excited about playing with it ands really digging into the UX implication of this kind of interface.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.20.06 PM


Google Glass is supposed to respond to a set list of voice commands. Once you have it on your head, you activate a sort of voice command prompt by saying “OK, Glass.”  At that point, the screen will prompt you with a variety of  options for what you can do with it. The idea is that you can take a picture and share it with your network. Something like this:

  • Ok, glass.
  • Take a picture.
  • Share with Facebook

That’s the idea, at least. My experience went something like this:

  • Ok, glass.
  • Send a message.
  • Send. A. Message.
  • SEND. A. Oh fuck…
  • Ok, glass.
  • Send a—damnit.
  • Ok, glass.


  • Ok, glass.
  • Ok, glass.
  • O. K. Glass.
  • OK. GLASS.
  • Damnit.

And nothing happened. For now, I’m going to assume I’m still getting the hang of it. Unfortunately, I don’t know what other stuff I’ll do with this to get it to work. I anticipate that it will “sense” what I’m trying to do, or start to understand my voice, but that remains to be seen. Without voice commands… the word “useless” comes to mind.

Also, in the realm of me being an idiot, I can’t really use this thing because I wear glasses. I knew this was a factor going into it, and I’m ordering contacts so I can play around with this in comfort, but it’s still laughably awkward. I have tired it with my glasses, and I was able to get it set up and get it to turn on. I also tried it without my glasses to see if the bone-conduction microphone would work better if the Glass was seated better on my head. No dice.

I’m hopeful that this will get better, but it’s a disappointing start.